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  • Oscar Mayer Better Way Initiatives
  • Case IH Red Power Tour
  • Illinois Pork Producers Introduce DaBurger
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 An award-winning powerful show 
Case IH introduces its Efficient Power farm equipment, and we put on a powerful show

Case IH redesigns their high-horsepower, diesel engines to meet Tier 4A EPA emissions standards. We position this breakthrough as Efficient Power and use the farm show Red Power Tour to tell the story to customers. The effort is awarded the National 2012 Best of NAMA Public Relations.

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The arena show features death-defying feats of crossbow mastery along with the Case IH Efficient Power family of high-horsepower equipment. The connection is in the key message: “Since you only get one shot at each season, you need Case IH Efficient Power and Case IH people working alongside you.”

Customer testimonials add validity to the story

Farmers like to hear from other farmers, so we use real customers to discuss their experience with Case IH equipment. These stories are used in booth literature, signage and video kiosks as a part of the Red Power Tour.

Interacting with the Case IH experts to gain product knowledge

Case IH experts used powered cutaways to explain how Case IH FPT high-horsepower engines deliver Efficient Power.

 Ground Pork is Da-licious 
Building consumer demand for fresh ground pork, one fan at a time

Illinois Pork Producers aim to convince Chicago consumers to eat more ground pork. We suggest introducing a bigger, better burger to sports fans. We bring in an award-winning BBQer to help create a tasty pork sandwich for Chicago sports fans to enjoy when an ordinary burger just won’t cut it! The half-pound, grilled pork burger debuted at Chicago Bears games where Bears fans could choose from three da-licious DaBurger varieties.

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When DaBurger debuts at Chicago Bears games, sales double expectations and DaBurger joins the menu at the United Center and U.S. Cellular Field. Visit: Key dates and activities are shared on this site, as well as tasty, make-at-home ground pork recipes and coupons. keeps consumers connected

Consumers are encouraged to check out DaBurger at sporting events throughout the Chicagoland area. Key dates and activities are shared on this site, as well as tasty, make-at-home ground pork recipes.

Sporting events offer the perfect venue to experience DaBurger firsthand

Windy City sports fanatics put DaBurger on the menu at several Chicago stadiums for fans to enjoy during all Chicago White Sox, Chicago Blackhawks and Chicago Bulls games as well as at concerts and special events at the United Center.

 Helping a dairy co-op increase sales 
Redefining a brand by focusing first and Foremost on what they do best

We’ve worked with Foremost Farms since 2004 to help them move from a regional milk and cheese manufacturer to one of the country’s leading dairy processors – a $1 billion cooperative producing world-class Wisconsin cheese and dairy ingredients for a global customer base.

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 An open door to build trust 
When moms are hungry for information, we offer a fresh, fast-food perspective

With misperceptions about fast food nutritional value and food quality on the rise, we invite six moms behind the Arches to meet the people responsible for McDonald’s food and tour supplier facilities. They share what they learned through blogging, videos and media interviews.

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 Gaining mileage from a Kenny Wallace sponsorship 
Unified message shifts campaign into high gear with a celebrity in the driver’s seat

Illinois Soybean Association invited us to join the Kenny Wallace team. We develop a lean, mean message machine. We shift the campaign into high gear to reach half a million consumers and farmers with the “everyone wins” message.

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 A better way to connect with consumers 
Finding Better Ways to feed changing consumer appetites and meet evolving expectations

Consumers want food made with simple, everyday ingredients. Oscar Mayer replaces artificial preservatives with celery juice and eliminates the need for artificial flavors and colors in a full line of meats. Oscar Mayer asks us to help with the Selects national media “soft launch.”

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More than 20 million consumer impressions are garnered with the launch strategy, including coverage in Associated Press, New York Times and Chicago Tribune, among others. Included is an infographic available to the media and shareable via social media platforms to quickly communicate key message points in a compelling and memorable graphic. This and more was accessible via an online pressroom. Visit:

Quality meat begins with quality animal care

As part of our work, we help Oscar Mayer find Better Ways to raise the bar on animal welfare standards, because quality meat begins with quality animal care. We champion and navigate collaboration with respected animal care experts such as Dr. Temple Grandin, NGOs, industry partners, suppliers and farm families.

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      We've influenced many brands over time …
      • 1983 A humble beginning: Setting up shop in the old Jefferson Fire Station, which is on the National Register of Historic Places.
      • 1984 Moving an industry by tracking triazine resistance to ready the ground and customers for new weed control technology.
      • 1988 Introducing a new category of hybrid cantaloupes that sweetens growers' yields as well as consumer palates.
      • 1994 Building a coalition of state soybean boards that leads to passing the referendum that creates the United Soybean Board.
      • 1996 Changing an industry with the launch of Asgrow Roundup Ready® soybean technology.
      • 1999 Plowing new ground with a coalition of soil scientists, seed companies and soybean industry stakeholders to help farmers control an invisible pest costing them millions.
      • 1999 Cooking up tier 1 media coverage commensurate with a 50-year anniversary celebration.
      • 1999 Revving up the media over the launch of Case IH Magnum™ tractors.
      • 1999 Convincing printers and print buyers to go green, even in four color.
      • 2000 Generating interest in a new approach to prewean pig care through a program featuring industry influencers.
      • 2000 Reintroducing California dancing raisins as in-step with consumers' craving for healthy snack solutions.
      • 2000 Helping General Mills' Yoplait staff express how much they care about breast cancer research to motivate more consumers to Save Lids to Save Lives™.
      • 2001 Developing juicer recipes, providing ingredient conversions as well as nutritional analysis adds a delicious surprise to this brand's offering.
      • 2001 Building a brand that turns a collection of forms into a problem-solving portal for the mortgage industry.
      • 2001 Educating veterinarians about the nutrition behind the unparalleled taste of Fancy Feast®.
      • 2001 Using a creative campaign approach — and an unexpected graphic image — to reach a yearlong sales goal in just six months.
      • 2002 Finding a home for the harvest helps give consumers a choice and farmers freedom to farm.
      • 2002 Building this consumer product company's relationship with the ag community creates an environment for greater cooperation on shared issues.
      • 2003 Informing veterinarians and horse owners of a new approach to solving a deadly problem by creating a targeted campaign that wins a national award for companion-animal PR.
      • 2003 Earning a Guinness World Record through this special movie event that gained global media attention and top-of-mind consumer awareness for a new popcorn brand.
      • 2003 Energizing beer distributors to help maintain the social acceptability of beer and the responsible nature of the brewing industry.
      • 2003 Creating a brand-new look for an animal health company as it transitions from a regional player to the national stage.
      • 2003 Sowing the seeds of acceptance for YieldGard® corn rootworm technology — and solving a $1 billion pest problem.
      • 2004 Throwing a yearlong promotional party to honor 75 years of a celebrated dairy brand increases SKUs and sales.
      • 2004 Engaging key opinion leaders in this first-ever Quality Symposium to share how they and others help McDonald's serve a quality meal every time.
      • 2006 Expanding this popular chocolate baking contest from its Pennsylvania roots into five additional states.
      • 2006 When real moms crave information, we serve up an unprecedented view and then ask them to share what they found with other moms across the nation.
      • 2007 Spicing up this brand's online presence attracts more traffic for this third-generation horseradish, sauces and specialty-mustard business.
      • 2007 Selling from pasture to plate was a breeze for M&I ag bankers after we helped them go digital.
      • 2007 A social media solution helps the rural health community address the challenges of health and wellness in small towns.
      • 2008 Driving corn growers' message home to consumers with a high-profile event.
      • 2008 Honing in on a key benefit — product administration timing — to develop a memorable message that resonates.
      • 2009 Giving a tried-and-true brand a facelift and a new brand position for the future.
      • 2009 Making the complex simple through interactive online scenario-based training modules, designed to let participants choose their own path to learning.
      • 2009 Video storytelling makes the sale so much easier for this leading packaging company.
      • 2009 Redefining this dairy's brand by focusing on what it does best to move it ahead of the competition.
      • 2010 Introducing a game-changing technology into the market with a full food-chain-acceptance approach.
      • 2010 Enabling idea sharing across corporate "silos" to help R&D find and turn bright ideas into great new products.
      • 2010 Bridging the gap between Chicago consumers and Illinois farmers with mom-to-mom experiences that are worth telling others.
      • 2010 Prescribing an online strategy to gain acceptance for electronic recordkeeping among rural health care providers.
      • 2011 Generating grassroots momentum to revolutionize dairy policy that will enable a more economically viable and secure future for dairy farmers.
      • 2011 Stimulating consumer demand for ground pork by creating a personality and social media excitement for the newest burger option at Soldier Field.
      • 2011 Shining the spotlight on young role models illuminates best practices while putting a glow on the company brand.
      • 2012 When Case IH introduces its family of Efficient Power farm equipment, we put on a powerful show.
      • 2012 Delivering "high standards" in a memorable, paperless product launch.
      • 2012 Helping introduce the first complete line of meats with no artificial preservatives delivers on what consumers want - simple, everyday ingredients.
      • 2012 Engaging customers with a step-by-step, interactive, decision-making tool.
      • 2012 Making the technical understandable with an iPad app.

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