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We are a strategic communications firm that builds, protects and promotes great brands that help feed the world.

MorganMyers is a preeminent agricultural and food marketing communications firm. Our expertise stretches across the entire farm-to-table industry. Our primary areas of expertise include:

  • Strategic Planning
  • Issues Management
  • Brand Positioning and Management
  • Integrated Marketing Communications
  • Case IH – Be Ready Blog


    An interactive blog to build leadership and connectivity

    MorganMyers helps to extend the Case IH Be Ready campaign to showcase Case IH equipment, experts, farm show appearances and other company news. We use the three core market areas: Efficient Power, Agronomic Design and Advanced Farming Systems, to drive the content of this blog. Two to three posts are featured each week.

    The blog posts are crafted to encourage interactivity. Forty-six percent of posts receive at least 1,000 page views. And 57 percent of posts that are shared via the Case IH Facebook page achieve at least 500 engaged users, who click on the link, “like,” comment, or share the post.

  • DaBurger
    DaBurger debuts at da Bears!


    More consumer DA-mand, more friends for Illinois pig farmers

    Illinois pig farmers want Chicagoland consumers to eat more ground pork. Just as important, they want to raise their profile and build a positive image for their industry. We bring in an award-winning BBQer to help create a new and tasty pork sandwich. Then MM completes the recipe with a brand identity and marketing campaign designed to appeal to Chicago sports fans.

    DaBurger debuts at Chicago Bears games, where sales far exceed expectations. The result: DaBurger goes on the menu for fans to enjoy during all Bears, White Sox, Blackhawks, and Bulls games, as well as at concerts and special events at the United Center.

  • McDonalds Moms – Quality Correspondents
    McDonalds Moms with Chef Dan


    An open door policy helps to build consumer trust

    Research shows consumers are growing concerned about the nutrition, safety, and ingredient quality of fast food. Because moms are hungry for information, we offer a fresh, fast-food perspective. We invite six real moms behind the Arches to see for themselves. They meet the people responsible for McDonald’s food, tour McDonald’s supplier facilities, and even take a shift as a member of the crew.

    Then we invite them to share what they learned with others across the nation – through word of mouth, online journaling, blogging, videos, and media interviews – to tell what they saw, what they learned, and why they now trust McDonald’s food quality

  • Case IH – Ag Design
    Helping producers make the most of yield potential


    Delivering brand power to garner more yield for farmers

    Case IH wants to bring a unique differentiator to its agricultural customer base, to further establish itself as a true partner in productivity. The solution is to create an identity as the ag equipment brand that does the most to contribute to farmers’ in-field success.

    The Agronomic Design initiative delivers on the Case IH “Be Ready” brand promise and demonstrates Case IH expertise and value. We lead a multi-faceted communications program to highlight all aspects of the platform. Third-party research and key opinion leader comments help us validate the seed-soil-plant environment benefits of Case IH equipment, and bring insights to professional crop and livestock producers.

  • DNA Genetics
    Best people. Best pig. Best genetic option.


    Creating a new corporate identity and transition roadmap

    After cutting ties with its Danish parent company, our client, a swine genetics provider, is faced with the unusual task of finding a new corporate name. We help coordinate market research among customers and competitive customers to determine existing perceptions to drive messaging of the new corporate identity.

    We leverage the research results, along with genuine customer benefits, to build a compelling story within the swine genetics marketplace. We create a roadmap for navigating the transition to the new company name and image. The result is DNA Genetics: a new name, a new focus and renewed commitment to advancing genetics for the North American swine industry.

  • Finadyne
    Communications support tools include assets that help explain the new way to administer


    An innovative route to simple, effective drug administration

    Finadyne is a known and trusted brand for reducing fever in cattle. MSD Animal Health develops an innovative transdermal route of administration, bringing new value to this established tool. MM helps to introduce this improved option as well as a whole new category.

    We build a story of simplified administration and less stress for farmers and for animals, while maintaining the consistent efficacy that is the legacy of this brand. MM works to build a toolkit with key messages, print ad, brochure, videos, multi-channel marketing guide and templates, and a brand communication guide to support category awareness and additional brand building.

  • IFF
    City moms get the full farm experience


    Connecting Illinois Farm Families with the people they help feed

    Illinois Farm Families invites MM to help create opportunities for conversations around today’s farmers and farming practices. Through the IFF City Moms program, we help coordinate and create real-life experiences, allowing Chicago-area moms to see first-hand what happens on today’s farms.

    We start by listening to what the moms have to say about their food-buying decisions. We share this insight with farmers, so they have a better understanding of what consumers are asking. We then engage farmers to tell their story in a “mom-friendly” way that facilitates trust and understanding of where their food comes from. Pre- and post-survey results show City Moms’ opinions about farmers and farming methods shifting toward the positive.

  • Oscar Mayer Media
    Oscar Mayer launches a new line of Selects Cold Cuts and Bacon


    Media relations help a major campaign reach millions

    Oscar Mayer launches a new line of Selects Cold Cuts and Bacon, making them the first brand to offer a complete line of meats with no artificial preservatives, flavors, or colors. The Selects launch is supported by a campaign that is among the biggest ad efforts in Oscar Mayer history.

    Our strategic media relations campaign includes launch materials, such as press releases, a micro site and infographic, crafting messaging and Q&As, and following up with key consumer and trade publications to ensure maximized coverage of the rollout. Our goal of reaching 8 to 12 million people is well exceeded with a total of 13.3 million media impressions.

  • Foremost
    Exceptional photography helps Foremost Farms update its brand image


    Redefining a brand by focusing first and Foremost on what they do best

    We’ve worked with Foremost Farms since 2004 to help them move from a regional milk and cheese manufacturer to one of the country’s leading dairy processors – a $1 billion cooperative producing world-class Wisconsin cheese and dairy ingredients for a global customer base.